Turtle Town Maui

Maui offers so many ocean treasures for our enjoyment and nothing is more enjoyable than getting to snorkel with turtles on Maui. Turtle Town is a general term used in Hawaii and on Maui to describe any area offshore where turtles gather. These Hawaiian Sea Turtles gather for a number of reasons, but one of the most significant reasons is to get their large shells cleaned by small cleaner wrasses. These wrasses eat the algae that accumulate upon the turtles’ shells and the turtles use the time to relax and enjoy some leisure. Lucky for us, snorkeling at any Turtle Town Maui is easy to do. Almost all of the Molokini Crater snorkeling tours make a second stop at Turtle Town. Usually, the turtle town they select is by Makena as it is close to the first snorkel stop at Molokini. The Calypso, Pacific Whale Foundation, and Four Winds are three tours that can definitely get you snorkeling at Turtle Town Maui and make sure that you have an epic experience with these magnificent creatures. 855-268-0387

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