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Sponsored by the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Spa on Kaanapali Beach; the Drums of the Pacific luau lives up to all the expectations you would expect from the Hyatt Regency. Set in the Sunset Terrace at the southern end of the hotel, the Hyatt Regency Luau provides a tropical atmosphere that is the essence of a Maui Luau.

The stage is set in a cave that provides a primal mystic with the green canopy of the shade trees shielding the luau grounds from the tropical sun. The Imu ceremony is a favorite with plenty of photo opportunities.

The Drums of the Pacific is a Polynesian Review featuring dances from Tahiti, Tonga, New Zealand, Hawaii and Samoan fire-knife dancers. A delicious buffet, spacious seating with table side service; it's no wonder the Hyatt Luau consistently receives the best Maui luau reviews. Every seat at the Hyatt Maui Luau has great views of the stage.

My favorite dance is the Tiare Dance. This is the dance where the hula guys bring the luau queen in on a platform carried on their shoulders. It’s a beautiful dance.

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1 x Hyatt Kaanapali Luau, Regular Seating

No Maui vacation is really complete without an authentic Hawaiian Luau. Luaus in Maui are by far best in Hawaii. For the first-time visitor, a luau should be included in your list of things to do in Maui. The Hyatt Regency Luau is a Polynesian Revue. Dances performed encompass all the cultures that make up the people of Hawaii. From the imaginative costumes of the Tahitians dancers to the Samoan fire-knife dancer, the luau at the Hyatt has everything you would expect from a Maui luau and more.

Not all luaus on Maui are created equal. Some are in open spaces with stunning views of the ocean that provide no relief from the sun until sunset. Others have no ocean views from your table, but the tropical influence is everywhere. Then there are other luaus on Maui that are packed like a sardine can where you can barely move in your seat.

The Hyatt Regency Luau in Kaanapali is the best all-around luau on the west side. The ambience is everywhere. You can see the sun set, but you won’t see the ocean. The trees overhead provide a shaded area that keeps the heat away. The location of the luau in the Hyatt also keeps the trade winds from blowing things off the table.

This is the luau I take family and friends to when they visit Maui. After the luau concludes, we take a stroll through the Hyatt and up the beach path, soaking in all the marvels along the way. It’s a great way to round out a perfect evening.

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1 x Hyatt Kaanapali Luau, Preferred Seating

Nestled deep within the Kaanapali Resort District is the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Spa. With a tropical flavor that no other luau can match, the Hyatt luau lives up to what you would expect from a luau in Maui. Its private, yet open. Jungle like vegetation surrounds the luau grounds which presents a very nice tropical atmosphere.

First time visitors to Hawaii, should add to their list of things to do in Maui – a Maui luau. It’s a cultural thing that will help you understand how Hawaii is on a local level. To understand the culture, is to understand Hawaii.

Hawaii and Maui are a melting pot of different ethnic groups. The most predominant are the Polynesians. The Polynesians are from the South Pacific stretching from Tahiti to New Zealand. At one time, they all made the voyage to Hawaii and renamed themselves – Hawaiians.  

Because of this diverse influence in Hawaii, most luaus are considered Polynesian Revues. The dances reflect the culture of all the Pacific Islanders who eventually became the Hawaiians.

The Hyatt Regency luau on Maui begins their story with Tahiti, the first of the South Pacific Islanders who arrived in Hawaii. Other dances included are Maori, (New Zealand), Hawaiian and Samoan. Each dance tells a story. The stories are the culture of Hawaii. The fire-knife dance is Samoan and concludes the luau. It’s a spectacular dance with several Samoan Chiefs twirling their fire batons at the same time.

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1 x Kaanapali Luau, Holiday Luau

During the holidays on Maui, luaus are special. The Hyatt Regency Hotel is the only luau on Maui that offers a themed luau for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Added dishes to the menu reflecting the holidays, create a feel for this special time of year. It’s a Maui holiday luau your family will remember for years to come.

It’s a little cooler in the winter months on Maui. It only reaches 83 degrees on any given day. A tropical holiday is a must for many people living in the colder regions of the world and Maui fits into their plans for somewhere warm with endless beaches and spectacular sunsets.

When it rains, it’s a warm rain and you can still wear shorts. And it doesn’t rain often in Kaanapali. In fact, rarely does it rain in Kaanapali. This makes the luau at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & Spa all the more attractive. As your friends, back home are contending with snow, freezing rain and all that winter stuff, you’ll be sipping on your Mai Tai enjoying the best luau on Maui.

The Hyatt luau is a Polynesian Revue. The dances performed are from all the islands in the South Pacific that make up the Pacific Islanders. From Tahiti to New Zealand the dances tell the story of Hawaii. The dances from Hawaii were created after the Polynesians came to Hawaii. The fire-knife dance is performed by a chief from Samoa. They are riveting in their presentation as the stories they tell are essence of Hawaii.

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There are two entrances to the luau. The Preferred seating entrance is on the path that leads from the parking lot behind the hotel. The standard seating entrance is located on the beach path oceanside of the hotel. The views are awesome, but it can be warm during the summer while waiting in line for the gates to open.

The Hyatt Regency Luau offers a photo package. The photos are taken along the beach path with the ocean as a back drop. They make a great keepsake of the luau. The photos can be reviewed towards the end of the luau. If you wish to purchase them, you can.

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If you have any questions regarding the "free child" policy, please give us a call at 855-268-0387.

Maui Tickets For Less is offering free admission for one child when two adults purchase tickets. This offer only applies to General Seating and is not applicable to holiday shows, and is not valid from 12/23 through 12/31.

Terms & Conditions:
This activity can be changed (based on availability) free. You can also cancel the activity with a 15% cancellation fee (covers the processing fees) at any time up to 48 hours before its scheduled start. The activity is 100% non-refundable within 48 hours of the check-in time.

Weather related cancellations by the Hyatt Regency Luau are 100% refundable.

Parking Tip:

There is free parking behind the Hyatt Regency Hotel. There is a gate, take the ticket and get it validated for free parking. Your server is the one who will validate your ticket.
You can park in any open stall in the parking lot. The Sunset Terrace is located just inside the entrance of the Hotel from the parking lot.
If you elect to use valet parking located at the main entrance to the hoteol, you can; expect to pay a fee for the service. We suggest arriving a bit early to find a parking stall behind the hotel.

Hyatt Luau Menu:

Main Entree Selections:
Kalua Pork    
Huli Huli Chicken
Mahi Mahi

Sides & Salad Selections:
Vegetables Makamaka
Polynesian Fried Rice
Massive Tropical Fruit Selection
Soba Noodles    
Lomi Lomi Salmon
Tossed Green Salad    Island Dressing
Ahi Poki
Taro Rolls & Much More    

Dessert Bar Featuring:
Bread Pudding
Macadamia Nut Cream Pie
Pineapple Cake    
Haupia with Toasted Coconut

The Hyatt Regency Luau offers an open bar that is sure to quench your thirst with all you can drink cocktails including beer, wine, mixed cocktails, Mai Tais or fruit punch.

A Valid photo ID is required to consume alcohol.

Available Days:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Closed Halloween

Summer: 5:00pm Check-in, 5:30pm Luau
Winter:  4:30pm Check-in, 5:00pm Luau

Check-in 30 minutes prior to event time.

Hyatt Regency Hotel & Spa in Kaanapali Beach
GPS: 200 Nohea Kai Drive, Lahaina Hawaii 96761

We will send driving directions from your hotel to the meet location for your activity along with your tickets.

Duration: 3 hours

Hyatt Regency Luau frequently asked questions.

How do I get my tickets?
In most cases your luau voucher is delivered electronically to your inbox. All you have to do is print it out; bring it to Maui and present the voucher to the vendor when you check-in.

Do I need a voucher for every person in my group?
No. The number of people participating is listed on the voucher under Q or quantity. One voucher works for the entire group. Checking in together is recommended to reduce confusion at the gate.

I don’t have a printer?
That’s okay. Your phone works fine. All you would have to do is show the voucher on your phone to the vendor when you check-in. Using your phone is not the preferred method of checking in, but it works very well.

What happens if it rains?
The Hyatt Regency Luau has the ability to move the luau indoors. If the luau is moved indoors you will have an option to take it inside, reschedule or cancel. If you opt to cancel we will refund the voucher 100%

What is your cancellation policy?
Tickets For Less has a 48-hour cancellation policy for any kind of refund. Our cancellation policy is detailed in our terms and conditions page.

How long is the Luau?
The Hyatt Regency Luau is normally just over 3 hours in duration.

How does the seating work?
Seating at the Hyatt Regency Luau is first come first serve regardless of seating style. We suggest arriving early to snag a good place in line. The tradeoff will be worth it.

What’s the difference between standard and premium seating?
The Premium seating at the Hyatt Regency Luau are the best seats and worth the extra fee. Premium seating is the second and third rows from the stage. Standard seating is everything behind the third row. The premium seating provides the best view of the show.
VIP seating is the first row of seats. The costs are considerably more for these seats. The seats are so close to the stage that you end up with a sore neck from looking up all evening. In this case the first row of seats is not the best value.

How are you able to discount the tickets so much?
Quite simple, we work on volume. Hopefully you will see that our prices on all Maui activities are the best rates on the web and you’ll book all your activities in Maui with us.

Do I have to attend a timeshare presentation to get the discounts?
No. All rates are guaranteed without any strings attached.

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